To begin the renewal process, email NABP at for specific instructions for your application type.

If you received a .pharmacy domain by being a part of the VIPPs program, your domain renewal is automatic as long as you remain accredited through this program. If you do not participate in this program, you must be annually reauthorized by NABP’s .pharmacy program to keep your domain prior to renewing with the registrar.

The renewal process varies depending upon the application type (eg, pharmacy, manufacturer, or drug information site) and when you submitted your original application. Below are some basic guidelines.

  • Renewal applications may be submitted any time within 120 days of the domain’s expiration. You may request additional domain names with your renewal application. All fees and approval processes apply.
  • If your renewal application is submitted less than five days before the domain expiration, NABP may not be able to complete the evaluation before your domain expires.
    • In the event the application is not approved before the expiration date due to an untimely or late submission, the domain name will be suspended and your domain name will not resolve.
    • NABP offers a 30-day grace period following domain expiration to complete the renewal application process. In the event that no renewal application is submitted or the application is denied, the domain name will be deleted after the 30-day grace period ends.
      • You may reapply for the deleted domain, but we cannot guarantee that it will be available.
  • NABP will notify you via email whether your renewal application has been approved.
  • For domain names already assigned to you, you may re-register your domain name at any time following approval with your registrar; a token is not needed for domain name renewal.
  • For any new domain names requested in this application, a token will be provided with your approval email.