Fees and Pricing

Entities wishing to obtain .pharmacy domain names will be required to pay an annual application fee to NABP. Domain name registration fees will be charged when the approved domain names are registered through an NABP-approved registrar.

Application Fee

$975 per website review*: As part of the evaluation process, content that will appear on the requested .pharmacy websites must be reviewed by NABP. Content must be available on a current, live site or on a staging site. Each live or staged site reviewed will incur a $975 fee payable to NABP at the time of application. This fee will need to be paid annually as part of the renewal process. Please note, the fee is per website review, not per requested .pharmacy domain name. See this illustrated in the examples below.

*Approved organizations are required to re-apply for their .pharmacy domain name(s) annually and re-register annually. Website review fee(s) will be charged to applicants seeking renewal. This process is separate from the domain name registration renewal process, which you can learn more about on the Renewals page.


Domain Registration Fee

Standard Annual Registration Fee (per domain): Payable to the registrar annually after NABP application approval. Domain pricing is subject to additional fees as determined by the registrar.

Premium Domain Fees: Annual fees for registering a premium domain name will be higher. Premium domain names include terms denoting a particular disease, generic medication, or general pharmacy-related concept. These names are in high demand and carry both risk and opportunity, to harm or benefit public health. Again, domain pricing for premium names is subject to additional fees as determined by the registrar.