Popular Science Article Cites .Pharmacy Among ‘Creative Ways to Stymie Criminals’

March 30, 2017

A March 2, 2017 article in Popular Science warns that “Counterfeit drugs are putting the whole world at risk.” Fake medicines, frequently purchased over the internet, may have too much, too little, or none of the active ingredients intended to treat patients. They may contain impurities introduced in substandard manufacturing facilities or toxic chemicals substituted intentionally for real medicine. Regarding counterfeit medicines in the United States, “The majority come from purchases on the Internet, which is an unregulated and unsecure supply chain,” Food and Drug Administration Special Agent Daniel Burke says in the article. National and international efforts are under way to make good quality medicines available in developing countries, where many counterfeit drugs originate, and to deter illegal sales and counterfeiting. “There are other creative ways to stymie criminals, such as confining .pharmacy domain names to legitimate online pharmacies.” Another key factor in helping consumers to stay safe online, the article states, is to educate them on how to avoid being “hoodwinked.”