.pharmacy is a website verification program that identifies online pharmacies and pharmacy-related websites around the globe as safe and legitimate.


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How is .pharmacy helping consumers and businesses?

The internet is not an inherently safe, reliable, or trustworthy place, but when patient health is at stake, trust matters. Legitimate online pharmacies and medication-related websites need a way to stand out against the overwhelming number of fakes and frauds. The .pharmacy domain is an easy way to show consumers and search engines that a website is verified and safe!

Finding a safe and trustworthy medication-related website is as easy as looking for “.pharmacy” in a website address/URL.

Today, the vast majority of websites selling prescription drugs online are doing so illegally — many of them sell dangerous, unapproved, substandard, and counterfeit medicine. NABP has reviewed close to 11,500 internet drug outlets selling prescription medications and found 96% to be out of compliance with United States pharmacy laws and practice standards that protect the public health.

Of these websites identified as Not Recommended, almost 90% appear to have affiliations with rogue networks of internet drug outlets and many distribute harmful counterfeits to unsuspecting consumers.

The .pharmacy verified domain creates a safe space for consumers throughout the world to purchase medicine or find medication-related information and services online, while enabling businesses to show that their websites are trustworthy.

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What are the benefits of having a .pharmacy domain?

Plenty! Obtain a .pharmacy domain name and:

  • distinguish your online pharmacy, product, or service from thousands of rogue online drug sellers
  • contribute to the protection of public health by helping consumers find legitimate online pharmacies and pharmacy resources
  • enhance your brands by becoming part of an elite group
  • become automatically eligible to advertise on Google, Bing, and Yahoo! search engines for US and Canadian websites
  • be considered a legitimate pharmacy merchant by Visa for purchases associated with your website

Obtaining a .pharmacy domain for your website…

Who may apply for .pharmacy domain names?

All members of the pharmacy community who have a vested interest in safe online pharmacy and patient safety. Visit the Registrant Eligibility page to see the full list of eligible businesses and organizations.

What standards do websites need to meet to be approved for a .pharmacy domain?

The Standards/Policies section provides an overview of the standards and policies used to evaluate applications for use of .pharmacy verified domains. As a verified domain, the .pharmacy domain is held to a set of standards unlike domains such as .com or .org. To learn more about verified domains visit the vTLD Consortium website.

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“We think it is the wave of the future – that all pharmacies will want their customers to know they are a pharmacy [that] patients can trust.”


“It was easier than expected!”

Sullivan’s Pharmacy

“We are an online pharmacy and this is a great way to set us apart from rogue pharmacies.”

Health Warehouse

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