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  1. What type of information will I be asked in the .pharmacy application?
  2. What fees are involved in obtaining a .pharmacy domain name?
  3. How much is the application fee?
  4. How much is the registration fee?
  5. What is a token and why do I need it?
  6. How do I optimize my .pharmacy domain in the online community?
  7. Is .pharmacy required?
  8. Can I register a .pharmacy domain name and then sell it to someone else?
  9. Does NABP accept applications from outside the United States?
  10. How do I renew my .pharmacy domain?
  11. What if I still have questions?

1. What type of information will I be asked in the .pharmacy application?

Below is a summary of the information requested on the application. Please note that information requested will vary depending on the type of business applying for a .pharmacy site. Specific instructions for each application type are available.

  • Domain name requests. You will be formally making your domain name requests in the application. We provide you with domain name availability information prior to adding new names.
  • URLs to be evaluated. These are your current (or staged) sites that represent the content that will appear on your .pharmacy site. NABP evaluates this content to determine if you meet the .pharmacy eligibility standards. Please note that you will be charged a fee for each URL submitted for review.
  • Company information. You will be asked to submit company information for all organizations that either (a) own the URLs being evaluated or (b) fulfill pharmacy orders transacted on the URL sites. This information includes address, phone, and email. You may add multiple companies as needed.
  • Pharmacy information (if applicable). Using the Facility Upload Template provided for download in the application, you will submit details on the dispensing pharmacies and pharmacists-in-charge/pharmacist manager/head pharmacist (PICs) that are fulfilling orders for the URLs being evaluated.
  • Parent company. If you provide multiple companies, we will ask you to submit address and contact information for the parent company.  
  • Company and pharmacist disciplinary and legal history. Questions regarding the legal and disciplinary history for all companies (including its licensed pharmacies) and each pharmacies’ PIC will be asked. You can upload supporting documentation as needed.
  • Affiliated websites. If the companies own other domain names, you will be asked to provide a list for each company. You will also be requested to list website links and redirects on the URLs being evaluated.

Please note that the individual completing the application will need to be an authorized representative of the organization and have the authority to bind the organization to .pharmacy program terms, conditions, and usage policies.

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2. What fees are involved in obtaining a .pharmacy domain name?

Entities wishing to obtain .pharmacy domain names will be required to pay an application fee to NABP. Domain name registration fees will be charged when the approved domain names are registered through an NABP-approved registrar. Both the application fee and the registration fee are paid annually.

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3. How much is the application fee?

$975 per website review: As part of the evaluation process, content that will appear on the requested .pharmacy websites must be reviewed by NABP. Content must be available on a current, live site or on a staging site. Each live or staged site reviewed will incur a $975 fee payable to NABP at the time of application and each year upon renewal. Please note, the fee is per website review, not per requested .pharmacy domain name.

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4. How much is the registration fee?

Prices for registering .pharmacy domain names are available from participating registrars.

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5. What is a token and why do I need it?

A token is an electronic code, or a unique alphanumeric text string, NABP sends to individuals as a means of indicating they have been approved by NABP to register a .pharmacy domain name. You will need to provide this token to the registrar at the time you register the domain name. 

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6. How do I optimize my .pharmacy domain in the online community?

NABP encourages and recommends all of its .pharmacy registrants to use their new .pharmacy domain name as soon as possible. NABP understands that many factors – and, likely, many individuals – are involved in this process. 

A Transition Guide is available to help you determine whether it is best to start small with a simple redirect or jump straight to establishing the cornerstone of your online presence within the .pharmacy TLD. 

The four Use Cases listed below are detailed in the Transition Guide, which describes the benefits, drawbacks, and implementation processes.

Use Case #1: Making Your .Pharmacy Domain Name Your Primary Web Address 

  • Most effective long-term way to build online reputation and web presence.

Use Case #2: Operating Your New .Pharmacy Site in Parallel With Your Old Site 

  • An interim option between registering and making .pharmacy your primary domain name.

Use Case #3: Creating .Pharmacy Landing Pages to Complement Your Primary Site

  • Fastest and least expensive way to attract the attention of search engines.

Use Case #4: Redirecting Your New .Pharmacy Domain Name to Your Old Web Address

  • Allows you to make use of your .pharmacy domain, but doesn’t help with search engine results.

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7. Is .pharmacy required?

No, the .pharmacy program is voluntary. There is no state or federal regulation requiring .pharmacy at this time.

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8. Can I register a .pharmacy domain name and then sell it to someone else?

No. Registrants in the .pharmacy TLD may not use domain names for the following types of activity:

  • Infringement on the intellectual property rights of another member of the .pharmacy gTLD community, or any other person or entity;
  • Engagement in activities designed to impersonate any third party or create a likelihood of confusion in sponsorship; or
  • Registration of .pharmacy domain names for the purpose of reselling or transferring those domain names.

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9. Does NABP accept applications from outside the United States?

Yes. Any member of the pharmacy community, regardless of country location, may apply for .pharmacy; however, there may be a delay. NABP is in the process of creating relationships with regulatory agencies in additional countries outside of the US. If a relationship has not been established in the country where your organization is located, this may delay approval of your application. NABP currently can evaluate applications from .pharmacy community members in the following countries:

  • United States
  • Canada
  • Great Britain
  • Ireland
  • Australia
  • Hong Kong

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10. How do I renew my .pharmacy domain?

If you have a .pharmacy domain, prior to renewing with the registrar, you must be reauthorized by NABP annually to keep that domain. The renewal process varies depending upon what type of applicant you are and when you submitted your original application. To begin the renewal process, email NABP at for specific instructions. Read the Renewals page to learn how the process works.

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11. What if I still have questions?

The .pharmacy website provides additional details on important information including program standards and policies, fees, and participating registrars. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us by phone at 847/391-4000, Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM Central Time, or via email at

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